missions we support

Our goal with this program is to financially support these missions, so the time and money that they spend itinerating can go straight to their area of focus. We feel that this program has the ability to expand and grow into so much more! To donate to our missions, please visit our Give page and use the missions link.

“And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.”

Mark 16:15

  • Beyond Frontiers

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  • The Flowers Family

    Macedonian Call Missions

    Macedonian Call Missions

    The Flowers family ministers across Mexico and in Colombia, South America. They are working with churches established by Holiness Full Gospel Missions in Mexico and Colombia. There are over 100 churches in Mexico and six in Colombia. The Flowers are currently working as evangelists in these churches: preaching, singing, and praying in the altars. They help to distribute clothes, eyeglasses, toys, Bibles, tracts, and Sunday School literature.  




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  • The Hernandez Family

    Luis and Penny Hernandez have lived and ministered in Monterrey for many years. They pastor a church there and are involved in kid's crusades and youth camps. They also carry the youth to camps in other cities and churches nearby. They have worked in the local prison and helped the prisoners build a church on the grounds. Throughout the busyness of life, long work hours, and much false doctrine in religious tradition, they continue to reach for lost and prodigal souls.




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  • The Lloyd Family

    Missions in Haiti

    Missions in Haiti

    The Lloyd family has been in Haiti since 1998. They officially started House of Compassion in 2001 with their first child Micah Dieuseul. They now care for 36 children in House of Compassion and 14 boys in the Good Hope Boy's Home. All the children attend Christian schools in the area. In 2003, they helped to establish a church and Christian school in Thomazeau outside of Port-au-prince. In 2005, a second Good Hope School was opened in Port-au-Prince with close to 350 students. The Lloyds have grown their own food on the 1.5 acres where the House of Compassion is located.  

    Since the earthquake at the beginning of 2010, they have reconstructed the 8-foot concrete wall that surrounds House of Compassion. Due to the displacement of many families, they have started a housing project to rebuild homes with stronger foundations.  

  • The Martin Family

    Hope for the Home

    Hope for the Home Ministries

    The Martin family began their full time missionary/evangelistic ministry in 2000. They have ministered in Native American tribes in Alaska, Oregon, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, New York, Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota, and North Dakota. By meeting with leaders of the tribes, both political and spiritual, the Martin family learns their problems and potential, and coordinates assistance to them. This takes the form of food and clothing distribution, informing them of Biblical solutions to life-controlling problems, and presenting the Gospel through preaching and children's crusades.

    The Martin family encourages strong family values, seeking to model the Biblical pattern for roles and responsibilities. They are committed to harmonize family relationships by strengthening marriages, parent/child roles, and sibling love.

  • The moore family

    Regions beyond ministries

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    Your Voice in the philippines

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  • The Rich Family

    River of Life

    River of Life Holiness Ministries

    The Rich's have been in the ministry for over 50 years. They have preached and ministered in Panama for 18 years. God has blessed their ministry with 21 churches. These churches represent a variety of cultures that consist of Chocoa, Kuna, Guyami, and Panamanians. The Rich's hold a youth camp with close to 250 in attendance, as well as, a yearly meeting. They provide support for their pastors both physically and spiritually. River of Life conducts a yearly minister's seminar where the pastors are encouraged and uplifted by the Power of God.

  • The Roberts Family

    Hope through Holiness

    River of Life Holiness Ministries

    Bro. John and Sis. Kim have felt a burden for many years to minister to Spanish speaking people. They have preached throughout Mexico and Panama. The Roberts family is currently residing in Panama, where they work closely with the Panamanian supervisors to spread the Gospel.   

  • The Snow Family

    Harvest Missions

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  • The Sumner Family

    Christ Cares World Ministries

    Christ Cares World Ministries

    The Sumner family has worked in Honduras for many years. They feed and minister to 150 each week in the Children's Kitchen. They spread the Gospel throughout military bases, such as, the Air Force base in Tegucigalpa. They are involved with the youth and support of local churches.

  • The Teague Family

    African Holiness Missions

    African Holiness Missions

    The Teague family first felt the burden to minister to Africa during a trip to Cameroon in 1999. In 2003, they organized a work to begin there. Bro. Teague now oversees 28 Holiness churches in Africa with close to 1,000 total members. They are involved with church planting, a yearly campmeeting, and local projects in the community. Along with building the churches, they install wells to bring drinking water to the villages. African Holiness Missions supports a full time field representative that lives in Africa.   

  • The Trawick Family

    Light in the Darkness

    Light in the Darkness Ministries

    Light in the Darkness Ministries was founded in 1998 by Missionaries David and LaDonna Trawick who along with their daughters, Tabitha and Lydia, labor in Spanish speaking nations and among Spanish speaking peoples. They lived and ministered in San Luis Potosi, Mexico for seven years. They have evangelized to Mexico, Panama, and Hispanic communities in the U.S.

    The Trawicks are currently ministering to new Spanish speaking areas, such as, Equatorial Guinea, Africa and Roatan Island, Honduras. In their ministries, they provide support, literature, and supplies. They conduct revivals, kid's crusades, and youth camps.