Butler Christian Academy

Butler Christian Academy serves as one of the branching ministries of Savannah Holy Church of God. It currently enrolls approximately 130 pre-K - 12th grade students. BCA is accredited by the Georgia Accrediting Commission.

Curriculum used at BCA revolves around Christian principles. The staff's goal is preparing students to deal with pressures of life from a Biblical standpoint.  

Weekly Chapel is a part of the curriculum and required for each student, as well as monthly Scripture memorization.  

BCA strives for academic excellence, as well as spiritual guidance in the lives of each student. Standardized testing, for grades 1st - 11th, reveals the level of achievement reached by each student. This helps maintain the highest level of academic excellence possible.   

Contact Information

Butler Christian Academy                                                                            Phone: 912-921-0088
707 Little Neck                                                                                            
Savannah, GA 31308                                                                                   Email: jsalter.bca@gmail.com